Good: the Olympics Round-up Part 1 –

So here we have the run-down of the first ever Good: the Olympics! The Competitors were Aidan’s Ninja (apparently from Infinity), Tony’s Sandworm, Alex’s Optimus Prime Eraser, Billy’s Man with a Cricket Bat (Hasslefree), Mark’s Lego Clone Trooper, and my Vaettir Varbre (Tor Gaming).

The first Event was the 110m hurdles, and they’re under starters orders…


Optimus Prime stacked it at the first hurdle, along with the Clone Trooper who also fell at the the second, despite having the ‘Spring in his Step’ special power. The Vaettir made use of the Ghost special power and just phased straight through the hurdles.


Annoyingly Billy’s Miniature used switch on my Varbre and thus put me at the back and him at the front.

Obviously burrowing his way down the straight, Tony’s Sandworm wins the hurdles. Next Up is the hammer throw.

 Trying to make use of the ‘Whirly’ special power it was surely looking good for the Varbre…

It took us all a little while to get used to the mechanics of the whole spinning thing, but after a few goes we were whirling around all over the place. Here’s how the others lined up: 

And despite having no arms, the Sandworm destroys us all in the hammer with his massive throw (Must have vomitted it out)

Next we decided to go for a nice 200m Sprint, and after the lane decisions here’s how we all lined up;All we had to do was run to the finish line, but as it was a game of GtB special powers came into play, and again the Vaettir steamed intio the lead using all 40 Good to burn it round the track. Billy then switched places again and put me back at the start on turn 3… However due to the lane switch Billy nearly kills himself after taking Bad damage. Optimus then decided to blind everyone stopping them from attempting to run (with the exception of Mark’s Clone tropper), as any movement would have been in a random direction.

Tony again, saved it all up and engaged his Sandworm’s Haste power then completed the race by going 90 inches in a single turn!

Triple jump was up next, Hop skipping and jumping the Ninja claimed victory in this event (as he should do given that he had the jjuuummmp special power) – this was Optimus’ amazing attempt:


That’s a whole 1/16th of an inch he managed to jump there…

Shot put up next…


Future Plans

Right as I’ve found the time here’s a little preview of what’s coming up this year from Project Good (in no particular order):

Decent: The extension to the expansion is being written, looking at mass troop rules and powers atm. Will be looking for playtesters in July/August. Game to be released Chrimbo 2012

Stand-Alone Free downloads: We’re currently looking at the possibility of having special edition free downloads on the website; two that are in development are Good: the Football Game (ready for Euro 2012), and the Good: Olympics. The football one will most likely be a stand-alone, using the mechanics of GtB to get the ball in the goal. The Olympic one is still undecided whether it will be standalone or as an expansion, with just special Olympic powers and scenarios (much like the seasonal powers on the website/in NtE)

Nice Dice: The nice dice are on the way, and Decent ones will be around for the expansion. Unfortunately can’t fit ‘Rubbish’ on the dice, so probably have ‘Crap’, or ‘Not Good’ on the ‘alternative’ dice.

More shows: Hopefully get GtB to a few more shows, and run demo games all over the place – looking at Eastern Front Show in September atm.

New Games: Project 3013 (our Tiny Robot, Big Guns game), Good: the RPG, and ElanKami (A non-dice Skirmish game), and another highly top secret project are in development.

Hopefully that’s whet your appetite…

More ‘minis’ at the show

here’s some other ‘miniatures’ I’ll be bringing to the show – I’ll probably have way more than 9 miniatures as originally planned – but hey-ho – the more the merrier.

Kronen Roxxon

Oh, and by popular request, the Doomsday Croissant will be there…


GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #59 – Evil Gingerbread Man (Alternative Armies)

Daily Miniature Manual

Sorry for the missing posts been recovering from Salute 2012, speaking of which: Only at Salute would you see a miniature like this – and there were plenty more – this is the first of many… (and yes this is an actual metal mini you can buy – not a real Gingerbread Man)

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses:

Suggested Powers: Really Bad, Naughty, Intense Concentration, Doomed, Cursed

Manufacture Website:

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #37 – MKS-GB 01 (Excalibur Miniatures)

Daily Miniature Manual

It’s a bit of luck that you can use ANY miniature in GtB, because I’m not entirely sure I can even begin to describe this one (don’t even know what scale it’s in). It does however, have a great big cannon on it’s back for shooting things, possibly love or dungarees, and what a cheeky grin, almost like it knows something you don’t (like wtf it’s actually supposed to be… 😉 )

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +2

Other Miniature Bonuses:  Reduced damage due to armour, and can reroll ranged attacks

Suggested Powers: Good Shot, Oh Yes, Oh No, Mmmm Good.

Manufacturer Link:

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #13 – Oli Veridus: Giraffe Merchant (Warlord Games)

Daily Miniature Manual

Mysteriously in black, with a lovely hat, he’s got something special in his box… might be Good, might be Bad, who knows? However you decide to use him, no doubt he’ll try and sell you a giraffe along the way…

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses: +10 Good at the start for his nice hat, can re-roll Charge-Up

Suggested Powers: Coward, Desperation, Stealth, Good Grenade, Intense Concentration, Hand of Good

Manufacturer Link:

You can’t rush a Good thing

While clearing out some of my old wargaming stuff, I came across this, which I believe is approximately the third ever mock incarnation of GtB:


It was certainly the first version with an attempt at a logo, which isn’t too dissimilar with what we finally went with. Reading through we haven’t changed too much from this version, although the typos were a bit more pronounced – and no pictures. Stupidly I never put a date on it but I’m estimating about 2004-2006, and we never thought we’d actually publish it, but here we are !

This has spurred me on to find the first ever attempt at Good: the Battle way back in 2002 – I seem to remember it was about four pages long, whole punched and the printer I had at the time made it all come out stripy. The expansions Nice and Decent also made originally in 2002 included weird stuff like different races, cards, and some kind of story if I remember rightly, they should be with it (I’m pretty sure I didn’t ever throw them out). That’s ten years ago, which in perspective is a third of my life; it took us a long time to make a ‘real game’ didn’t it? If I find it I’ll post images, and probably shed a tear of joy…