First Post of the New Year

Right then you little tinkers! We actually made it into 2013, despite Mayan prophecies, and to celebrate I will try to post more often. I have greeted the new year with the joyous prospect of redecorating the hallway at home and so far there has been little cursing, which can only mean bad things for the end of the diy project…

Anyhoo – Tomorrow night I’m gonna be testing ‘Tiny Robots, Big Explosions’ down my local club, just to iron out obvious rules-blips before I email the playtest rules to everyone that has kindly offered to help out – so expect contact over this weekend at some point. I’m still torn as to how to record game status, whether to use tokens, dice or a drywipe system, but hopefully I’ll reach a decision before to long…

Working logo (needs colour etc)……


Tiny Robots, Big Explosions

Gearing up for some serious game writing over the festive period, and I aim to finally get another (non-GtB) game published in spring/summer 2013 – this time it’s Tiny Robots and Big Explosions – working Title is ‘TiRoBEx’ – but will probably change to something far sillier knowing me >:)  It’s all about using 6mm robots on 40mm bases and blowing your opponent to kingdom come, along with most of the terrain.

Anyhoo, in January,  I’m gonna need some playtesters; so if you fancy doing a bit of ‘game-breaking’ for me, please get in contact – I’ll probably need about 5-10 testers in the first stages so it’ll be first come first served; unless you’ve done some testing for me before (or have been nice to me at some point), in which case the answer is already; “Yes, i’ll email you the first draft in January, then send you dice and minis to use in the game”.

Peace out.

GtB at Eastern Front 2012

Sorry about the lack of posts (again) but I’ve just been too busy with all the other things going on in my life.

That being said Good: the Battle will be at Eastern Front Wargames show in Norwich on 16th September at the Wargame Miniatures Stand – so i’ll be able to give demos and the like to anyone who fancies it. Giving out free ‘Bad but in a Good way’ dice with every purchase too 🙂 First few purchases of the GtB Complete collection will also get a Project Good T-Shirt – yipee

More info @



Good @

The GtB Special ed. Complete Collection is now avaible from  along with the separate Good/Bad dice.

They also have loads of other stuff all at 10% off RRP – including Warpaints 🙂

Urban War Discounts

Another shameless plug for my 3rd Job:

However it’s with good reason as i’m sure you’ll find this a stonking deal. As we get ready to stock Urban War goodies, we thought we’d give you a pre-order deal:

Yep – 20% off and free postage in the UK just enter the code ‘URB4NW4R’ during checkout.

Ta Muchly, Ryan

Apologies, Updates & Discounts

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in over a whole week – the combination of holidays, illness, children and my third job have really taken it’s toll on me. Anyhoo – I’m back now and plan to get everything on track once more.

Apart from making games under the guise of Project Good and being a science teacher, some of you may not know that I also run an online wargames store. and recently I decided to upgrade the whole thing, which took far longer than anticipated – hence a contributing factor to my lack of posts and tweets.

Well it’s almost done now and as a little ‘we’re back’ promo (and for reading this blog) if you enter GOODTHEBLOG in the coupon code box as you checkout you’ll get an additional 5% off the price! And seeing as everything is (pretty much) 10% off RRP anyway AND Free postage you could save a fair amount of dosh! The code runs out on 30th April.

Also, for you Urban War fans you wait and see the promo that’s on it’s way and we celebrate stocking everything from Urban Mammoth!

Anyway – peace out and keep ’em peeled…!