Almost a year without blogging

Well, the title says it all. Time to change that, although with third child imminent I doubt it’ll be a regular as I’d like. Anyhoo on with the random ‘good’ness that occasionally appears in my head from time to time.

Played my first game of print & play yesterday ( – highly recommended btw) which really got me thinking about the future of Project Good. I have a number of ideas in the early stages involving Good: the Card game, Good: the RPG, TiRoBEx and GtB 2nd edition. My current train of thought is going for downloads for all of these. The reason? well I am but one guy (occasionally 2 or 3 if we actually get anything in order!) and I really don’t want to kickstarter any of them, I know it has it’s benefits, but I’m really not in it for the money (which at the end of the day tends to be the current theme on KS nowadays *cough* Mantic Games *cough CoolMiniOrNot *cough*).  First up is a rewrite/reorder of Good: the Battle and Nice: the Expansion; combining the two into one glorious pdf with all the tokens and cards print and playable (which to be honest was pretty much how I was selling the game, but pre-printed…). The only downside is that the Good/Bad dice will disappear – so if you’ve got your hands on a pair of those – you’re a lucky one. As for TiRoBEx; trying to get the time to sort out manufacturers for the cards and all that lot is just impossible given my current situation (i.e. having a job and a family), plus it’ll be an expensive outlay – Print & play would make sense, and the only things that you can’t print yourselves would be the dice (everyone’s got those), the miniatures; but you can buy them from for £1.10 for 4, and the 40mm bases (everyone has spares of those).

Onto the new things then: Good: the RPG. As soon as we started developing GtB it was mentioned how easy it would be to turn it into and RPG, you’d only need a D20, and it’ll pretty much be a swift conversion of the GtB rulebook with loads of fluff (Fluff we can do!). So that’ll be a development over a number of months, adding bits in here and there. Good: the Card Game. Print & play all the way, I have come up with a simple system derived from GtB, so I just need to get draft cards done on PaintShopPro and start shipping it out for playtesting.

Well that’s enough for one post, back to reality… sort of…



TiRoBEx Fluff – The Russian TRS (Tiny Robot Systems)

Here’s the First of the Russian Federation Tiny Robot Systems:


Following the creation of the Russian TRS Stalin-mk1 base unit by the child super genius Vladimir Kalashnikov, it became apparent that some of his earlier work could be put to good use. He was 12 when he first managed to turn his 1/72 scale Vostok-1 Airfix kit into a fully functioning near-earth orbiter, including a Yuri Gagarin animatronic pilot. Following an international incident which meant he had to forcibly land the craft, and which resulted in the destruction of the pilot, he retrofitted it to an arm of the base unit – The Stalin-Gagarin TRS was born.



TiRoBEx Fluff – Introduction Mk1

Just when you thought I’d disappeared! Here’s a preview of the TiRoBEx rulebook. Currently listed as ‘the introduction’ – more to follow over the week…

War has always been man’s favourite pastime (at least when the women weren’t around) and ever since caveman A took a rock to beat caveman B’s skull in with it; mankind has been on a quest to develop new and more deadly weapon technology, our whole history is based around who could build the biggest and best ways to kill and destroy others.

Obsession with getting bigger and better weapons soon meant that an ordinary man was no longer capable of wielding their own power, first came animals, then tanks, but these were too slow or cumbersome. Later came the power armoured suits, yet even these were inadequate and so the era of the giant robot began.

The giant robots of the time towered over the battlefields and each had the power to destroy whole villages in a single shot, these colossal machines battled like gods slowly firing off volleys of super charged matter and deploying hundreds of missiles in great streams of death.

Then, no doubt after some little war that almost bankrupted a nation, the chancellor told his military that this way of things was too expensive. He must have given them a simple brief as to what he wanted done; shrink the size of the equipment and reduce the cost of these wars. Thus started the renounce of the infantry man.

Instead of having a single giant robot you could have fifty soldiers each armed with a weapon that could blow a hole in a tank. Everything started to shrink in size yet still retain, or even gain power. The giants of the past fell to the wayside as they were out manoeuvred and often outgunned by the hordes of micro-tech equipped men.

With micro fusion generators, plasma rifles and tents that could fold up to the size of a peanut, everything seemed to have reset to the older ways of man vs. man (even if one of the men could, with a flip of a switch, vaporise your house). But things never stay the same for long especially when it comes to weapons, the rapid development and advances in micro-tech resulted in a new form of weapon being developed and deployed.

The tiny robot system (TRS) quickly gained popularity, each TRS was smaller than a child, was lightning fast and well armoured, yet was still armed to the teeth. Soldiers on the battlefield soon dwindled once more replaced by hordes of TRS each one able to operate independently or remotely from a control centre on the other side of the world, flashwars are common between squabbling countries and mega corps as the highly mobile TRS can be re-deployed with ease.

Tensions are rising in the world as great powers try to manipulate or destroy each other in a bid to protect what is theirs and secure resource in a world fast running dry. The most treasured of these resources is tyridium the vital element needed to construct micro fusion generators the basis of all TRS. The winners of the battles to come will flourish while the loser will be forgotten and disappear into history.

Yeah, it’s probably littered with Typos, but it has yet gone of for a proof read… thanks to our resident Project Good Fluff writer Alex Munson for his input to this.

Look – more TiRoBEx previews!

Well, I have already adjusted the playsheet, so here’s draft number 2:


Also here’s a peak at a couple of the individual character cards:




The game mechanics also are now working really well, just need to write them up in a legible format!

TiRoBEx Character Sheet Draft

Look – exciting stuff – Here’s the first draft of the design for the character playsheet on which you’ll record all the actions your tiny robot is able to do each turn:


Yeah I know some of the alignments are out, but I’m working on it!

I’ll let you know what each bit does in due course…

Team Good on TiRoBEx

The team is back – All the original Good: the Battle team are now working on TiRoBEx – that means we’ve got background story development, short story development, artists being lined up, we’ve even got a sculptor to do the miniatures for the game, and a very special limited edition GtB miniature in the pipeline. Exciting times, oh yes!

Also have been thinking about the contents of the boxed game – looking at a rulebook, dice, at least two factions (hopefully four) of miniatures, bespoke ‘power-up’ dice, containers that will hold the dice, templates, counters, faction cards, and a special edition boxed set containing scenery.

As much as I’ve moaned about Kickstarter in the past, we may well follow that route, so we can offer even more stuff to begin with and ensure everything gets done to the highest quality, but we’ll see about that.

I’m going to work on the graphics for the game, including a world/galaxy map, over the coming weeks and you can be sure to see them here first.

Also to coincide with the release we’ll be revamping GtB (hence the special edition miniature) with some limited signed versions with another book ‘Decent: the Extension to the Expansion’ on the horizon for the new year…

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Good!

Anyone know any artists?

More specifically sci-fi artists. I’m really hoping to get a full colour rulebook done for TiRoBEx, and it’ll look pretty pants if its just full of my own grey-scale artwork. I don’t have endless wealth, but may be able to pay for a few. I’d quite like it to be in the Manga-esc style, but really I’m open to all forms of art, so longs as they are full colour 🙂 Maybe someone knows an up and coming artist who would like to get their work in a published book, I’m sure we can sort something out. Any suggestions?

Thanks 🙂

TiRoBEx Playtest Photos

Well here they are…



Tiny huh?

TiRoBEx Playtest Update

Had a really productive play-testing session last night at Sudbury and District Wargames last night, and was able to iron out a few of the rules. A couple of tweaks to whet your whistle – 1) When a robot is destroyed, depending on how many Area impact rounds it has left it undergoes a catastrophic explosion and could very well decimate the opponent that destroyed you! 🙂 and 2) the Power-Up crates will now be determined randomly, I’m currently drafting up unique dice for the game, so that when you acquire a power-up you roll the ‘crate’ dice and then it tells you what bonus (or hindrance) you get.

More play-testing updates coming soon, along with demo photos…

Too many ideas spoil my brain…

Never-mind too many cooks spoiling the broth, I’ve got so much going through my head TiRoBEx wise, that I’m going to need a brain extension. Could really do with some idea of what people would like in the game, and that spells only one thing – market research! Just waiting for some of the costings to come back to me then I can start asking customer based questions, like would you like this in the game if it costs that much, etc.

But first things first – rules completion. Three Weeks. That should be all I need. Well, for the entirety of the first draft – then out to playtesters – finally! I know, I know – a massive SORRY to all those that said they would playtest, then I failed to contact them any further with all the bits. I have actually still got the minis sitting here waiting for a playtestable set of rules to be sent off with them…