Urban War Demo Table

In case you missed my tweets – Just wanted to show you all the Demo Table I made for Urban War by Urban Mammoth and hopefully inspire you a bit – the centre is made from a computer monitor and the laptop is housed underneath the whole structure. The fans are old computer fans, and the elevators do move up and down.

Used this at Diceni in Norwich – it was a fantastic day – looking forward to next year 🙂

Need to get it on a table for a game of GtB asap.


Peace out!

Good: the Video Interview

Look it’s GtB being explained at the Games Expo 2012!


GtB at Eastern Front 2012

Sorry about the lack of posts (again) but I’ve just been too busy with all the other things going on in my life.

That being said Good: the Battle will be at Eastern Front Wargames show in Norwich on 16th September at the Wargame Miniatures Stand – so i’ll be able to give demos and the like to anyone who fancies it. Giving out free ‘Bad but in a Good way’ dice with every purchase too 🙂 First few purchases of the GtB Complete collection will also get a Project Good T-Shirt – yipee

More info @





More ‘minis’ at the show

here’s some other ‘miniatures’ I’ll be bringing to the show – I’ll probably have way more than 9 miniatures as originally planned – but hey-ho – the more the merrier.

Kronen Roxxon

Oh, and by popular request, the Doomsday Croissant will be there…


Miniatures making an appearance at the show

Here’s the first of my proposed list of the demo miniatures I’ll be taking to the Games Expo for use in the GtB games, trying to get a selection together to cover as many of the powers and miniature bonuses in the core rulebook:

3 more to decide on…


Shiny New Packaging


… shiny.

This is the new packaging for the bumper set (that’s GtB and NtE all in one pack). Certainly looks a bit more presentable than the old cram everything into a plastic bag.

Next up more details of the freebies and prizes…

GtB Merchandising Madness – Fish-Hand T-Shirts!!

Having spent a large majority of yesterday evening trying to plan some more shenanigans for the UKGamesExpo, I got a bit side-tracked when looking into merchandising/promo for the day. The result of which is this:

Yes you can now wear Fish-Hand with pride, be the envy of all your friends, but in a Good way…

Oh I also managed to create Fish-Hand Mouse Mats, iPhone covers, Key Chain and a Badge – have a peek at the online store;


I must stop getting distracted by shiny things on the internet and get on with some real work… On the up-side I have decided to make three demo boards for the show, One made of letters, one with a water feature, and one upside down board (haven’t quite finalised the plans for that one yet, but it will work I hope :s )

UK Games Expo 25th-27th May 2012

As you may have seen on a previous post we’re prepping for the UK Games Expo 2012.

As the links pages have been updated on their site, why don’t you have a gander at who else is going (link) – looks like it’s going to be huge! And also very scary for us as it’ll be our first ever show. Hope to see you there we’re on stand3a selling our wares and demoing on Green Zone stand 4 or 5 (whichever one our friends at Myndgames let us have 🙂 )

I’ll be doing the demo tables next week (as i’m on holiday) so i’ll post development piccies as and when.

Oh, and we’ll be entering Good: the Battle Bumper Set (Good & Nice) into the Expo Awards – apparently there’s an abstract games category (I think we’ll be in that!)


Gearing Up for the UK Games Expo 2012

Preparation for the UK Games Expo 2012 has started, which we’ll be attending with our good friends at Myndgames. Currently listing ideas about the gaming boards that need to be built. Not sure how much I want to give away this early, I might just post images as they happen, and you’ll have to guess what they’re going be – kind of like when Rolf Harris does a drawing “Can you tell what it is yet?”

Needless to say they will not be conventional gaming boards, certainly don’t expect to see four cottages, a cluster of trees and a couple of hills, if all goes to plan the terrain for one board will be more typography than topography.