GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #54 – Papa Demon (Joek Minis)

Daily Miniature Manual

I think the flavour text on the Joek Minis’ Website pretty much sums this guy up: “Whilst I understand that the concept of a demon in pants and sneakers, holding a baby is slightly odd, as soon as I saw the original sketch Pontus did, I was hooked!!” – Just to clarify: It’s a demon…. with a gun…. and a baby… with pants on… and trainers… mwahahahahaha….!!

 Close Combat Bonus: 0

Ranged Bonus: +1

Other Miniature Bonuses:  None

Suggested Powers: Really Bad, Doomed, Cursed, Teleportation, Naughty, Oh No

Manufacturers Website:

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #35 – Human Paladin (Soda Pop Miniatures)

Daily Miniature Manual

On this rare occasion I’m just going to quote the fluff text that normally come with the miniature: “The paladin is the ultimate paragon of good. In the fight for truth and justice the paladin can summon his power to Smite the enemy knocking them to the ground and consuming them with fire…”

 Close Combat Bonus: +1

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses:  Bad damage reduced by 1 due to shield,+5 Good for haircut.

Suggested Powers: Really Good,  Charger, Detonation, Good Luck, Good Quake, Goody Two Shoes, Hand of Good, Local Hero, Star Student.

Manufacturer Link:

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #14 – Vaettir Varriers (Tor Gaming)

Daily Miniature Manual

These vicious little tinkers have a wonderful deceptive aura about them.  Sort of ‘Cute’ meets ‘Gonna repeatedly stab your eyes out’ – and that’s just one of them! Whilst they’re designed for the soon to be released Relics from Tor Gaming (link at bottom), they would go well in any game of GtB, and seeing as they come in a pack of three – you could make great use of the replication, combine and linked special powers…

 Close Combat Bonus: +2

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses: Flight

Suggested Powers: Replication, A wrong does make a right, Badpire, Goodpire, Combine/Split, Haste, Linked

Manufacturer Link: