Urban War Demo Table

In case you missed my tweets – Just wanted to show you all the Demo Table I made for Urban War by Urban Mammoth and hopefully inspire you a bit – the centre is made from a computer monitor and the laptop is housed underneath the whole structure. The fans are old computer fans, and the elevators do move up and down.

Used this at Diceni in Norwich – it was a fantastic day – looking forward to next year 🙂

Need to get it on a table for a game of GtB asap.


Peace out!

GtB Demo Board – Stage 1 “Dinosaurs, Bananas and Decorators Caulk”

We’ll it’s underway – the Projectgood mug has been sealed into the hillside, the banana has been added, dinosaur’s arse fixed into the board, and now filling in gaps before layer of primer. After the initial amount of terrain I was using, I realised it took to much attention away from the game, and as it was a demo table I wanted to make sure the focus was on the game itself more than the board it was being played on. Just resulted in taking out the ketchup bottle, battery, pen, and something else… (it’s like one of those kiddies memory puzzles!) Here’s the bird’s eye view then:

GtB Demo Board at 270212


I rediscovered the joys of decorators caulking – if you’ve never used this on scenery before I really recommend it, nice smooth finishes on those really tricky joins – no good for a major filler though – had to resort to the traditional air drying clay for that one.

Haven’t quite decided on what to do for the board edges yet though – most likely I’ll add some sort of wooden border, but need to think of a GtB tweek to it…

GtB Demo Board – Stage 0 – trial and error

Well the original list consisted of:

Ketchup Bottle, Light Bulb, Rolling Pin, Spoon, Credit Card, Compact Disc, DVD Case, Marker Pen, Banana, 50p, and Sound Card.

This has now changed slightly to:

Ketchup Bottle, Compact Disc, DVD Case, AA Battery, Plug, Pen, Banana, 50p, Sound Card, Project Good Mug and Dinosaur’s Arse.

Reasons being: Light Bulb – couldn’t actually find a non-energy efficient light bulb . Rolling Pin – too big, Credit Card – too maxed out, Marker Pen – too branded, Spoon – occupying my coffee mug (not the one I’m using though).

Hopefully this allows you to visualise my quest to make a gaming board with a Project Good twist, if not here’s a photo to help:

I’d like to say that the photo is deliberately blurry to add an element of mystery, but actually it’s just a result of too much coffee…

It obviously needs a lot of work too – mostly just rough-cutting atm, and experimenting with fillers, paints etc. MAy add a few more elements to it, and deciding what sort of base theme to go for (grass, desert, lava…). Also, as you can see a couple of the elements are missing; Banana in the post – that was a weird series of emails, Ketchup Bottle still has ketchup in it… So until next time: Be Good.


GtB Demo Board – What was I thinking?

I don’t know whether it’s age, children or tiredness (or a combo of all three), but I was actually going to make a demo board (with the exception of the GtB logo) that was going to be like any other, with grass, a few hills, and stuff like that. But whilst gathering all the bits together I suddenly realised that isn’t really what GtB is all about, so a quick rethink and i’m starting again – same sized board, still some grass (probably), but just to give you an idea, and to remind myself of what I’m now thinking –

Ketchup Bottle, Light Bulb, Rolling Pin, Spoon, Credit Card, Compact Disc, DVD Case, Marker Pen, Banana, 50p, and Sound Card.

Confused? I hope so – you just wait… 🙂

GtB Demo board initial sketch – Main Layer

Well, as you might know i’m working on a demo board, and so far so good; in that everything SHOULD work out… I’m more a trial and error person so most of it will change as and when, but just so you can see what I’m starting with here”s my initial concept sketch (and that’s probably the only sketching I’ll do of it:

If you can see what’s happening – I’m going with the GtB logo ‘bursting’ out of the board. I should mention that this is the drawing for layer 2. I haven’t yet devised a way of producing the other 2 layers in a method I’d be confident in doing to a satisfactory level.

Right then, I’m off to make the logo burst from the board… bon voyage!

GtB Merchandising Madness – Fish-Hand T-Shirts!!

Having spent a large majority of yesterday evening trying to plan some more shenanigans for the UKGamesExpo, I got a bit side-tracked when looking into merchandising/promo for the day. The result of which is this:

Yes you can now wear Fish-Hand with pride, be the envy of all your friends, but in a Good way…

Oh I also managed to create Fish-Hand Mouse Mats, iPhone covers, Key Chain and a Badge – have a peek at the online store;


I must stop getting distracted by shiny things on the internet and get on with some real work… On the up-side I have decided to make three demo boards for the show, One made of letters, one with a water feature, and one upside down board (haven’t quite finalised the plans for that one yet, but it will work I hope :s )