Wargamey Bloggers

Look at our shiny new badge to the right of the screen – We are now a proud member of the Shell Case Alliance. Which, in case you’ve never heard of it is essentially a list of bloggers who ramble on about all things wargamey. I will get the links on the side of the page updated soon, but in the meantime here’s the list of those current part of the alliance:

The Shell Casehttp://theshellcase.wordpress.com
Miniature Musings of a Bearhttp://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/
Nick’s Bloghttp://www.nickrapson.co.uk/
Paint & Biscuitshttp://paintandbiscuits.wordpress.com/
Johnny Hawkwindhttp://johnnyhawkwind.wordpress.com/
The Life & Times of a Wargames Butterflyhttp://www.mikehobbs.co.uk/
The Working Mind of Durne Kellhttp://durnekell2k.blogspot.com/
Epic Wargaminghttp://epicwargaming.com/blog/
Colonel Shofer’s Mild OCD Model Bloghttp://colshofer.blogspot.com/
Trollblood Scrumhttp://www.trollbloodscrum.com/
Political Dicehttp://politicaldice.6sided.net/
Elblondinos Workbenchhttp://elblondino.weebly.com/blog.html
Ramblings from the Trencheshttp://ramblingsfromthetrenches.wordpress.com/
Snake Eyes Gameshttp://snakeeyesgames.wordpress.com/
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisherhttp://pressganger.blogspot.com/
Do You Have A Flag?http://gotflag.blogspot.com/
Whelp Slayerhttp://whelpslayer.wordpress.com/
Kenzie’s Tabletop Gaminghttp://www.kenzie213.blogspot.com/
Good the Bloghttp://https://goodtheblog.wordpress.com

That should keep you busy 🙂