Too many ideas spoil my brain…

Never-mind too many cooks spoiling the broth, I’ve got so much going through my head TiRoBEx wise, that I’m going to need a brain extension. Could really do with some idea of what people would like in the game, and that spells only one thing – market research! Just waiting for some of the costings to come back to me then I can start asking customer based questions, like would you like this in the game if it costs that much, etc.

But first things first – rules completion. Three Weeks. That should be all I need. Well, for the entirety of the first draft – then out to playtesters – finally! I know, I know – a massive SORRY to all those that said they would playtest, then I failed to contact them any further with all the bits. I have actually still got the minis sitting here waiting for a playtestable set of rules to be sent off with them…



First Post of the New Year

Right then you little tinkers! We actually made it into 2013, despite Mayan prophecies, and to celebrate I will try to post more often. I have greeted the new year with the joyous prospect of redecorating the hallway at home and so far there has been little cursing, which can only mean bad things for the end of the diy project…

Anyhoo – Tomorrow night I’m gonna be testing ‘Tiny Robots, Big Explosions’ down my local club, just to iron out obvious rules-blips before I email the playtest rules to everyone that has kindly offered to help out – so expect contact over this weekend at some point. I’m still torn as to how to record game status, whether to use tokens, dice or a drywipe system, but hopefully I’ll reach a decision before to long…

Working logo (needs colour etc)……


Tiny Robots, Big Explosions

Gearing up for some serious game writing over the festive period, and I aim to finally get another (non-GtB) game published in spring/summer 2013 – this time it’s Tiny Robots and Big Explosions – working Title is ‘TiRoBEx’ – but will probably change to something far sillier knowing me >:)  It’s all about using 6mm robots on 40mm bases and blowing your opponent to kingdom come, along with most of the terrain.

Anyhoo, in January,  I’m gonna need some playtesters; so if you fancy doing a bit of ‘game-breaking’ for me, please get in contact – I’ll probably need about 5-10 testers in the first stages so it’ll be first come first served; unless you’ve done some testing for me before (or have been nice to me at some point), in which case the answer is already; “Yes, i’ll email you the first draft in January, then send you dice and minis to use in the game”.

Peace out.

Future Plans

Right as I’ve found the time here’s a little preview of what’s coming up this year from Project Good (in no particular order):

Decent: The extension to the expansion is being written, looking at mass troop rules and powers atm. Will be looking for playtesters in July/August. Game to be released Chrimbo 2012

Stand-Alone Free downloads: We’re currently looking at the possibility of having special edition free downloads on the website; two that are in development are Good: the Football Game (ready for Euro 2012), and the Good: Olympics. The football one will most likely be a stand-alone, using the mechanics of GtB to get the ball in the goal. The Olympic one is still undecided whether it will be standalone or as an expansion, with just special Olympic powers and scenarios (much like the seasonal powers on the website/in NtE)

Nice Dice: The nice dice are on the way, and Decent ones will be around for the expansion. Unfortunately can’t fit ‘Rubbish’ on the dice, so probably have ‘Crap’, or ‘Not Good’ on the ‘alternative’ dice.

More shows: Hopefully get GtB to a few more shows, and run demo games all over the place – looking at Eastern Front Show in September atm.

New Games: Project 3013 (our Tiny Robot, Big Guns game), Good: the RPG, and ElanKami (A non-dice Skirmish game), and another highly top secret project are in development.

Hopefully that’s whet your appetite…

Project: New Game Development

As you may or may not have noticed along the menu bar up there is a page called ‘Project 3013’ – This is our current in-development game. Having given at least 2 minutes thought to the premise of some of the drivel I’m intending to post on this blog, I thought a stage by stage, as and when, development of the game might be of use.

‘Project 3013’ is actually another game I made for fun down my local gaming club – definitely the best place to start. The ‘rulebook’ is full of typos, printed in black and white and put into a cheap plastic folder – I was very proud of it at the time.

I’m not going to bore you with stage by stage game development mainly because the bulk of the game is written (including fluff!)- it just needs to be (heavily) processed.

How you go about coming up with a game is a very personal process, although my top tips though for coming up with a game are:

  • From the start all you actually need is a pad of paper (plain works best – so you can doodle templates, etc.) every single type/shape of dice you can muster and tape measure.
  • Have the inspirational moment of “ooh that might work”.
  • Start playing the game adjusting rules as you go
  • Jot down everything that happens, dice used, any game mechanics that work, and highlight any obvious issues early on.
  • Do not use a computer until you’ve filled at least 10 pages of random drawings, illegible handwriting and coffee stains.
  • If you start to use a computer from the off you can easily get distracted by spell checking, formatting and the urge to look at websites like and you won’t get anywhere fast.

And now as you’ve clicked on that link and have been distracted I’ll leave it there for today… More game development as it happens…