Good: Friday Competition List

Not far away now, but here’s the 2012 Good: Friday Competition Titles, T&Cs To follow

  • Best painted Egg (with a Wargaming theme)
  • Best converted Miniature that’s almost only appropriate for a game of GtB
  • Best uttering of the word “Good” – mp3 recording – all entries will be collated together to make a Good: the Theme
  • Best New GtB style artwork – to be featured in the Decent: the Extension to the Expansion rulebook

Prizes will be announced along with T&Cs

So get cracking (egg reference there – see it)!! All entries to the above competitions must be in by 23:59 GMT 6th April 2012

And there will be lots of random prize-y giveaway shenanigans on Twitter (@ProjectGood) during the whole day of 6th April, not to mention a special Good: Friday Event at Sudbury & District Wargames Club involving cake that very evening…

It’s all Good.

Project Good: Friday

Those of you that have been mad enough to follow our ramblings on twitter and the like for over year may remember our very successful promo on Good Friday. Well it’s coming back – this time bigger and better. With only the insertion of a colon (now that just sounds wrong) Good Friday 6th April becomes Good: Friday, expect a number of odd promotional things, including a way to get your hands on a Project Good ‘Fish-Hand’ Apron. You’ll hear it here first (unless you hear it from someone who heard it here and then told you it was here, providing you heard that the thing that they were hearing was actually what you were going to hear on here) – anyone for an egg painting competition…?

Good: the Apron

Continuing the trend of GtB merchandising – and the result of lack of sleep and a general random moment – now you can get your hands on a Project Good Apron – yipee! Don’t worry it does have a kitchen theme – unfortunately the baked goods have just been used as a weapon. In the wrong hands even a French loaf can be deadly…

If you fancy one (they come in a variety of sizes): here’s the link

GtB Merchandising Madness – Fish-Hand T-Shirts!!

Having spent a large majority of yesterday evening trying to plan some more shenanigans for the UKGamesExpo, I got a bit side-tracked when looking into merchandising/promo for the day. The result of which is this:

Yes you can now wear Fish-Hand with pride, be the envy of all your friends, but in a Good way…

Oh I also managed to create Fish-Hand Mouse Mats, iPhone covers, Key Chain and a Badge – have a peek at the online store;

I must stop getting distracted by shiny things on the internet and get on with some real work… On the up-side I have decided to make three demo boards for the show, One made of letters, one with a water feature, and one upside down board (haven’t quite finalised the plans for that one yet, but it will work I hope :s )