Who are We?

Project Good – This is what happens when three avid wargamers, board gamers and RPGers get together and have a crack at creating their own games. Our first game Good: The Battle was first dreamed up in 2002, as a means of an escape from the bog-standard d6 rolling stat-reliant games you see everywhere. Eight years later we dusted off the old single print of a badly worded 4 page rule book, and gave it a new lease of life. Good, it seems, will always prevail.

Following the official release of Good: the Battle, we have created Nice: the Expansion and are developing lots more of our unhinged ideas. And here’s where you can find our random gibberings – hoozah!

Authors: Ryan Furlong (ProjectGood), Alex Munson and Alex Mortimer (Skuttlespike).

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