Project Good @UKGamesExpo – be Good and win prizes!

I’ll be giving away various Project Good/GtB merchandise during the day. I have loads of Project Good Mugs, Fridge Magnets, T-Shirts,  ‘Bad, but in a good way’ dice to Give Away. But you’ll have to earn them. I’ll be tweeting things for people at the expo to do and the first person to do it will win a prize!

Just to get things rolling:

The first person to come up to me at the Show on Saturday morning and say “You taste like cucumber” to me will get themselves a Project Good Mug – hoorah!

and also:

The first Person to buy a copy of the ‘GtB Complete Collection’ will get themselves a free Project Good T-Shirt – yipee!


Good: Luck


More ‘minis’ at the show

here’s some other ‘miniatures’ I’ll be bringing to the show – I’ll probably have way more than 9 miniatures as originally planned – but hey-ho – the more the merrier.

Kronen Roxxon

Oh, and by popular request, the Doomsday Croissant will be there…