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The GtB Special ed. Complete Collection is now avaible from  along with the separate Good/Bad dice.

They also have loads of other stuff all at 10% off RRP – including Warpaints 🙂

All Expo’d out

What a weekend! Many thanks to all that enjoyed a demo of GtB, and of course to those that purchased a copy – hope you enjoy your games. Despite arriving later than planned I just about managed to get everything set up before the crowds arrived. And as soon as  I find the correct lead to connect my phone to my computer i’ll load up some photos of the demo table. The greatest crowd puller was the G1 Transformer Grimlock, sitting in the display case ready for plenty of demo games of GtB. The most epic battle of the weekend was Grimlock Versus Lego Clone Trooper, or possibly the Bolt Gundam Versus the chicken…

Although I knew I had a video interview with UK Gaming Media Network – had no idea it was going to be live (and if you look at the first video you can see the moment when he told me that it was live – shock horror!). and the second part is here

Not particularly great quality but they were streaming it through a tiny laptop. There’s a complete edited version with proper sound being sorted right now -they had more cameras than the streaming one – so i’ll let you know when that’s available.

Had the Guys from Purple Pawn have a go of the game and interview me about it all – which was top notch.

Didn’t really get to play many other games, but certainly saw an awful lot of fantastic demos – even after the show people were stillplaying in the hotel across the street well into the night.

Also met the guys who painted the Relics minis for Tor Gaming, and were pleased to see relics available to purchase through my store  and at the show.

Well done to Mongoose Publishing for pipping us to the post in the awards with their game Call to Arms: Starfleet.

A Special mention to the guys at Tied to a Kite who were stationed next to us and made me feel most welcome during my first expo. And of course to Tony and Mary at Myndgames without whom I wouldn’t have even been to the expo in the first place.

Until Next Year…

Project Good @UKGamesExpo – be Good and win prizes!

I’ll be giving away various Project Good/GtB merchandise during the day. I have loads of Project Good Mugs, Fridge Magnets, T-Shirts,  ‘Bad, but in a good way’ dice to Give Away. But you’ll have to earn them. I’ll be tweeting things for people at the expo to do and the first person to do it will win a prize!

Just to get things rolling:

The first person to come up to me at the Show on Saturday morning and say “You taste like cucumber” to me will get themselves a Project Good Mug – hoorah!

and also:

The first Person to buy a copy of the ‘GtB Complete Collection’ will get themselves a free Project Good T-Shirt – yipee!


Good: Luck

More ‘minis’ at the show

here’s some other ‘miniatures’ I’ll be bringing to the show – I’ll probably have way more than 9 miniatures as originally planned – but hey-ho – the more the merrier.

Kronen Roxxon

Oh, and by popular request, the Doomsday Croissant will be there…


Miniatures making an appearance at the show

Here’s the first of my proposed list of the demo miniatures I’ll be taking to the Games Expo for use in the GtB games, trying to get a selection together to cover as many of the powers and miniature bonuses in the core rulebook:

3 more to decide on…


Shiny New Packaging


… shiny.

This is the new packaging for the bumper set (that’s GtB and NtE all in one pack). Certainly looks a bit more presentable than the old cram everything into a plastic bag.

Next up more details of the freebies and prizes…

We’re going to the Games Expo – Update

Well, everything is here – I just need to make it ready all for the show – i.e. putting the bumper pack together in their BRAND NEW packaging! We’ll also be giving away prizes like T-Shirts, Mugs, Limited Edition ‘Bad, but in a Good Way‘ Dice, Giant Fridge Magnets and probably some other freebie stuff – there’ll be Goodlden tickets in random the bumper packs which will win you a prize! Now to choose which miniatures/things to use as the choices for the demo games… More blogging and tweeting on the way soon 🙂 Promise.

Life and other hindrances

I reckon in about a week I might actually have a bit of normality back in my life and so should be able to post all those lovely things I keep meaning to post on here. In the meantime you’ll have to make do with this little rant about how ridiculously busy it is at the moment. The GtB board is well underway and should have been completed by now if it hadn’t had been for having to write an 8000 word case study on Leadership, mark 24 A-Level coursework pieces, sit through 14 presentations on designer materials, a poorly wife, a two-year old, a four year-old, my birthday, 3 other birthdays, sleep deprevation, and no ice cream. On the upside I have now got all the promo shizzle for the Games Expo – just need to get more games printed… I don’t know what i’m going to do after May – if there’s anything left of me…


Are you well?…

No, you are not a well. You are a person 🙂

Urban War Discounts

Another shameless plug for my 3rd Job:

However it’s with good reason as i’m sure you’ll find this a stonking deal. As we get ready to stock Urban War goodies, we thought we’d give you a pre-order deal:

Yep – 20% off and free postage in the UK just enter the code ‘URB4NW4R’ during checkout.

Ta Muchly, Ryan

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #68 – Craig Daniels, Space Cowboy (S3 Minis)

Daily Miniature Manual

More miniatures that are obviously from TV/Film but have different names in order to avoid copyright issues;  

Superb sculpt from S3 minis (go visit them (link below) and/or follow on twitter @Silent_Spectre) – Here we have a cowboy with an alien gun – wouldn’t have worked so well the other way round would it…?

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +2

Other Miniature Bonuses: Extra Good for wearing a hat.

Suggested Powers: Disarm, Re-arm, Good at everything, Good Shot, Desperation, Local Hero

Manufacture Website: