Good: the Brain Implosion

Aaargghh… the UK Games Expo is in 25 days time, am I ready for it? No. well sort of. I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff ready, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Just trying to sort of some posters and flyers. I have no idea how busy it’ll be, what sort of people will be there, what my sales patter will be, what the weather will be like, and what I let myself in for. The board is coming along nicely, but I’m having static grass issues.  To top it all when I booked it ages ago I knew that the date sounded familiar, and that something was happening that day. Oh yes, I done the classic man thing and have double booked myself on my own anniversary – genius. rounding of the stress levels nicely it’s exam season at ‘real’ work with coursework deadlines afoot. Why then am I sitting typing this when I’ve got so much else to do? arrgghhh….

Oh look a kitty…

Awwwww…. that’s better…


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