Good: Friday Competition List

Not far away now, but here’s the 2012 Good: Friday Competition Titles, T&Cs To follow

  • Best painted Egg (with a Wargaming theme)
  • Best converted Miniature that’s almost only appropriate for a game of GtB
  • Best uttering of the word “Good” – mp3 recording – all entries will be collated together to make a Good: the Theme
  • Best New GtB style artwork – to be featured in the Decent: the Extension to the Expansion rulebook

Prizes will be announced along with T&Cs

So get cracking (egg reference there – see it)!! All entries to the above competitions must be in by 23:59 GMT 6th April 2012

And there will be lots of random prize-y giveaway shenanigans on Twitter (@ProjectGood) during the whole day of 6th April, not to mention a special Good: Friday Event at Sudbury & District Wargames Club involving cake that very evening…

It’s all Good.

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #46 – Britanan Company Sergeant Major(Tor Gaming)

Daily Miniature Manual

What better way to round off the Tor Gaming special than with one of their new releases? Making full use of the Hat miniature bonus – I might even have to add a new bonus power in the expansion for having a feather in the hat.

 Close Combat Bonus: +1

Ranged Bonus: +1

Other Miniature Bonuses:  +10 starting Good due to hat

Suggested Powers: Disarm, Expert, Re-arm, Good Discussion, Mine

Manufacturer Link:

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #45 – Orcnar Docga (Tor Gaming)

Daily Miniature Manual

Apologies for not posting this yesterday, but I was actually busy playing Relics down my local club. And to honour the most successful unit in their own game last night, I’ll let you know how to lead them to glory in our game every night of the week.

 Close Combat Bonus: +1

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses:  +6″ free move due to number of legs

Suggested Powers: Charger, Haste, Combine, Combat Lock

Manufacturer Link:

or Get them from