GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #44 – Britanan Grenadiers (Tor Gaming)

Daily Miniature Manual

Puppets with grenade launchers, need I say more?

I think not.

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +2

Other Miniature Bonuses:  +10 Starting Good due to awesome hats

Suggested Powers: Good Grenade, Good Bomb, Detonation, Good Shot.

Manufacturer Link:

or Get them from


Project Good: Friday

Those of you that have been mad enough to follow our ramblings on twitter and the like for over year may remember our very successful promo on Good Friday. Well it’s coming back – this time bigger and better. With only the insertion of a colon (now that just sounds wrong) Good Friday 6th April becomes Good: Friday, expect a number of odd promotional things, including a way to get your hands on a Project Good ‘Fish-Hand’ Apron. You’ll hear it here first (unless you hear it from someone who heard it here and then told you it was here, providing you heard that the thing that they were hearing was actually what you were going to hear on here) – anyone for an egg painting competition…?