GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #42 – Britanan Troopers (Tor Gaming)

Daily Miniature Manual

Here’s the first of 5 Days of Tor Gaming GtB Miniature Manuals. If these minis don’t make you do the childish  “Tee-hee-hee”  laugh, then there’s something wrong with you. From the game of Relics these  puppets are quite numerous and when there’s enough of them, they’re quite deadly… 

 Close Combat Bonus: +1

Ranged Bonus: +2

Other Miniature Bonuses:  

Suggested Powers: Coward, Good luck, Linked, Oh No, Risky

Manufacturer Link:

or Get them from

The Joys of Pathogens

Do not fear, I haven’t forgotten the Miniature manual, or this blog. I’ve just been ill, along with the rest of my family – it never rains… It pours. But the good old immune systems have prevailed, and we are nearly back to full working capacity – so the GtB Miniature manual shall return today – and just to get you excited it’s a GtB Miniature Manual Tor Gaming Relics Special to celebrate the release of their Printed First Edition Rulebook – yipee!