Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I spent a couple of hours this evening playing Battlefield 3 partly because Lee of The Chaps got me psyched about it again after a looooooong break from it, and partly because I’d had a loooooooong day thanks to management where I work have unrealistic expectations so I felt the need to shoot some folk.

To give you some background I’ve been playing video games since Stellar Wars on the Commodore 64 in 1984/5. I was 2 going on 3. I say this to emphasise the fact that I am no novice gamer. But nor am I the best. Sadly I am not 16 so don’t spend 10 hours a day playing video games, punctuated by furious masturbation sessions, like the current generation so my skills are not borderline preternatural. But I’ve got game. Not necessarily mad game, but game.

So when I tell you I got my arse kicked…

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