GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #22 – Time Witch (Freebooter Miniatures)

Daily Miniature Manual

Mistress of time, space, and glass tubes with sand running through them, this beautiful miniature from Freebooter is best accompanied by powers that affect movement or the rolls of the dice. With her awesome hat, and that little clockwork thingy – you could even mount it on a separate base and use it as her Remote controlled buddy in a game of GtB.

Time Witch (steampunk) - Freebooter

 Close Combat Bonus: +0

Ranged Bonus: +0

Other Miniature Bonuses: +10 Starting Good – due to hat.

Suggested Powers: Remote, Mine, Oh No, Oh Yes, Reposition, Slow, Haste, Switch, Teleportation

Manufacturer Link:


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