GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #8 – Hasami (Soda Pop Miniatures)

Simply proving that there are other people that are nearly as mad as the game of Good: the Battle itself – just look at this fantastic miniature from Soda Pop. She’s got a giant pair of scissors with an eyeball on it for crying out loud – that’s just bloody brilliant imho!! Snippy snippy. Almost tempted to introduce a new rule that’s prevents the ‘Good Haircut’ Miniature bonus, just for this miniature.

Close Combat Bonus: +3

Ranged Bonus: +0

Suggested Powers:  Combat Mistress, Good luck, Naughty, Nice, Risky.

Manufacturer Link: Soda Pop Miniatures or get them from Wargame Miniatures

Snow! It’s all Good!

Well in order to prove one of our many taglines for Good: the Battle – i.e. it can be played anywhere. I though I’d take the opportunity to play the game on the snow…

Of course, if the dice was thrown too hard it would sink, but made for an interesting trench kind of terrain. So dice were rolled into a tray. Generally the game went well, until I tried to use a metal miniature:

Lesson learnt – GtB can be played on snow, it’s just very cold, big/heavy miniatures sink, don’t throw the dice too hard, and you get distracted and end up making this:

Yes those are Good and Bad Dice for buttons…

Lets not forget GtB works with anything, so he can be used in you games of GtB, but will be very difficult (not impossible) to move, so the Snowman’s Miniature Manual is:

Daily Miniature Manual

Close Combat Bonus: 0

Ranged Bonus: 0

Other Miniature Bonuses: +170 Good limit for height, +10 Starting Good for wearing a Hat

Suggested Powers:  Nice, Nigh-Invulnerable, Monster, Sturdy, Flight (well the Snowman in ‘The Snowman’ can fly…)

N.B. Even though it’s not Christmas, I’m pretty sure you could use some of the seasonal powers in the nice rulebook given the exceptionally snowy circumstances..

Manufacture Link: Mother Nature plus You