GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #1 – Kronen (Cipher Studios)

Daily Miniature Manual

May as well start with one my favourite miniatures ever (mainly due to the huge sword and the way he’s holding it!). Actually from the light faction starter box in Anima: Tactics – but they never gave him any powers other than ‘hit-stuff’, so we’ve ‘Gooded him up’…

Kronen Roxxon

Close Combat Bonus: +3

Ranged Bonus: +0

Suggested Powers: Armour, Combat Master, Nigh Invulnerable, Sturdy

Manufacturer Link:

Good: the Battle – Daily Miniature Manual

Daily Miniature Manual

Well seeing as Good: the Battle can be used with any miniature, and all of the bonuses gained depend solely on the miniature; I thought it might be useful to give a daily example of a quality miniature and the appropriate benefits it would gain in a game (and probably list some appropriate powers too).

I don’t have a set plan so I’ll pick whatever miniatures take my fancy, day by day, but if anyone has a particular miniature they want to use in the game, let me know and I’ll make it the Daily Miniature Manual asap. I’ll provide links and stuff to the miniature manufacturers.

When I say miniature, it might not always be the case as you can use anything in the game, depending on how detached I am from the world at the time it could actually be anything from vegetables to clothing. Keep ’em peeled!