You can’t rush a Good thing

While clearing out some of my old wargaming stuff, I came across this, which I believe is approximately the third ever mock incarnation of GtB:


It was certainly the first version with an attempt at a logo, which isn’t too dissimilar with what we finally went with. Reading through we haven’t changed too much from this version, although the typos were a bit more pronounced – and no pictures. Stupidly I never put a date on it but I’m estimating about 2004-2006, and we never thought we’d actually publish it, but here we are !

This has spurred me on to find the first ever attempt at Good: the Battle way back in 2002 – I seem to remember it was about four pages long, whole punched and the printer I had at the time made it all come out stripy. The expansions Nice and Decent also made originally in 2002 included weird stuff like different races, cards, and some kind of story if I remember rightly, they should be with it (I’m pretty sure I didn’t ever throw them out). That’s ten years ago, which in perspective is a third of my life; it took us a long time to make a ‘real game’ didn’t it? If I find it I’ll post images, and probably shed a tear of joy…


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