Exciting Stuff

Well I think i’m getting the hang of the blog thing (well it looks nicer now anyway) …

Reader's Choice Awards

Good: the Battle has been nominated for the first round of voting in the TGN Reader’s choice awards!

While we’re up against the likes of Warlord Games, Privateer Press, Soda Pop, Gripping Beast, Wyrd, Gruntz, and such – not really expecting to win anything, but if you find it in your hearts to give us a vote, that’d be lovely.

Regardless, might have to use the whole ‘Nominated for the TGN Reader’s Choice Awards 2011’ as a bit of a selling point.

Ta Muchly.

Good: the Blog

Well here it is then – the first blog post of what hopefully will be a daily ramble about the goings on under the Project Good umbrella.  I think it’ll take me a little while to get the hang of this – and make the page look better – can’t quite work out why there’s such a large gap at the top and why I can’t reduce the size of the header image. Also I’ll get as many links as I can on here, but in the meantime everything else can be found on the website Projectgood.co.uk – Hoorah!